We have all been faced with what seems like an impossible decision at one point or another.  While the consequences of some decisons won’t dwell beyond a split second, some decisons can alter the course of our entire life.

It’s those life-altering choices–and their consequences–that are the epicenter of the local production A Ferry Tale, written by Memphian Jenita Nakamura. Spun as a “dark fantasy inspired by true occurances,”  A Ferry Tale merges the quentessential fairy tale with very real, modern-day issues, shedding light on some of the social injustices plaguing our society. Feri, the main character of this “hip-hop soul” musical, is a social media influencer struggling to succeed in a world of fierce competition, but quickly finds herself facing a decision that challenges her moral compass. As the story unfolds, Feri has to decide if trading the value of humanity is worth gaining the notoriety she has always dreamed about.

I had the utmost privilege of speaking with Miss Nakamura, and I think what struck me the most with this piece was although A Ferry Tale brilliantly integrates fanaticism with realism, the real-life, ethical issues depicted weren’t diminished or construed as a fable. Premiering at the iconic Orpheum Theatre on October 23rd, A Ferry Tale is a must-see production!

Tickets for A Ferry Tale can be purchased at  A Ferry Tale: A Nak Jently Musical By Jenita Nakamura Tickets Oct 23, 2021 07:30 PM Memphis, TN | Ticketmaster

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