Memphis will soon be able to go down the rabbit hole via a new exhibit coming to Memphis Botanic Garden in May, 2022. The seven-month-long exhibit will feature life-size works of art referred to as mosaiculture, which, by definition, is the art of “sculpting” hedges around constructed steel models creating a topiary-like finish that takes on different forms.

Premiering in Atlanta, Alice’s Adventures at the Garden will be the epicenter of a number of coordinating activities that Memphis Botanic Garden are presently planning. One can only hope that a grand tea party worthy of a Mad Hatter would be one of them, but whatever MBG has in store will be fit for a Queen, we’re sure. Memphis will be the first host city of the traveling exhibit outside it’s inaugural city, and the first seasonal exhibit in over two years that Memphis Botanic Gardens is set to host.

This exhibit is presented by International Paper, and the hope is that “this exhibit will not only foster an appreciation for the beauty of our natural environment, but it will generate so much excitement around reading,” said Dr. Alissa Campbell Shaw, International Paper senior manager, global corporate social responsibility and community engagement, and executive director of the IP Foundation.

This exhibit will also be featured as a part of the seasonal Holiday Wonders at the Garden Light Show, which will bring a mesmerizing twist to the everyday escape from reality this exhibit is sure to deptict.

A bit of advice for all who dare to travel through the looking glass; if you hear a far off declaration of “Off with her head!” that means it’s time to come back to reality.

Feature by: Andrea Jones

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